The hubs decided that we are going to take an impromptu 10 hour road trip next weekend. While I love traveling with my family, being cooped in the car with my three rowdy kiddos can be enough to turn my hair gray. Can you relate? One of the things that keeps the kids happy in the car is good music. Of course, their definition of “good” is often very different from mine! After trying out DOZENS of kids’ albums, I think we finally have a pretty good selection of CDs for the car that we can all agree are great. So today, I’m sharing my list of the best, non-irritating kids’ albums for your car. And guess what!? I’m giving away some of these albums! So keep on readin’!

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Best Kids' Albums Collage

In no particular order, here is my family’s list of the best, non-irritating kids’ albums for your car:

1. Okee Dokee Brothers: Can You Canoe

My sister got this album for my kids for Christmas this year. I could just kiss her. It’s SO fun. The music has a very country/folk/blue grass feel, but the songs are so clever! My kids and I love this one. And when friends ride with us, this is the album they request to listen to.

The Okee Dokee Brothers

2. Jazz for Kids

I got this album before Addison was born. For some reason I thought to add a ton of children’s albums to my baby registry (one of my better ideas!) and this one was a total hit. We still love it all these years later. Some of the Jazz greats sing fantastic versions of classic kids’ songs. And My kids now adore the song “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

Jazz for Kids

3. Caspar Babypants: Sing Along!

This one was given to us by a dear friend who said that this album was all the rage among her mom-friends in Seattle simply for the fact that it isn’t annoying to listen to! I have to agree. The songs are quirky and catchy. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself listening to it in the car when the kids aren’t with you!
Caspar Babypants

4. For the Kids

This album contains a variety of artists singing a WIDE array of songs. My personal favorite on the album is Sarah McLachlan singing “Rainbow Connection”. But my kids love the Bare Naked Ladies song “La-La-Lemon”. There is really something for everyone on this one. We’ve listened to this one so much that half the songs now skip.

For the Kids

5. Playing for Change

Although this isn’t technically a kids’ album, it is definitely loved by mine. And it DEFINITELY falls into the “non-irritating” category. In fact, once you learn HOW they make these albums, you’ll be blown away. Playing for Change is an organization that began recording street performers and local artists from around the world singing songs in their own languages and in their own style. They organization splices together the tracks from these various singers and musicians to create one, MAGICAL  version of each song. Take a look at this clip featuring the song Stand By Me…I promise, this is worth the watch!
Playing for Change

6. Little Seed: Songs for Children by Woodie Guthrie

This album is just plain SWEET. It’s about as folky as they get, but it is really easy to listen to. My kids love every song on the album…and I love that it mellows everyone out!

Little Seed

7. Not For Kids Only

Who DOESN’T love Jerry Garcia and Dave Grisman?? This album is essentially Jerry and Dave playing a bunch of kids’ songs (you can kinda picture them sitting on a front porch somewhere recording these songs). But the musicality is spot on, and the lyrics are laugh-out-loud funny in spots. Even the hubster loves this one.

Not for Kids Only

8. Seeds Family Worship

I love this ministry. I bought all of their albums in a set, based solely on the recommendation of a friend. I am SO glad I did. The folks at Seeds have managed to take passages of scripture, word for word, and turn them into AWESOME songs that are SO fun to listen to. These are some of the most requested CDs by my kiddos. And the most incredible part is that my 3 YEAR-OLD is reciting scripture, complete with the Bible address thanks to these songs. I wish I had a video to share of them rocking out in the car singing Philippians 4:6-7!

Seeds Family Worship

But the BEST part about Seeds Family Worship is that when you order one of their albums, they GIVE you a second one to share with someone. So guess what!! It’s time for a giveaway! One lucky Homespun Sprout reader will win a set of Seeds Family Worship albums valued at $76! These CDs have been such a blessing to my family. I can’t wait to share them with you too! The giveaway ends Sunday, April 26th…good luck!

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17 Responses to The Best, Non-Irritating Kids’ Albums for Your Car

  1. Maresa says:

    Thanks for the list and chance to win :)

  2. Wendy M says:

    We love to listen to stories and music in the car!

    • says:

      The car is a captive audience! It’s such a great time to feed their ears with the good stuff!

  3. Linzee says:

    Hey Lindsay!
    We have Not For Kids Only too! Bare Naked Ladies also has an album all for kids that is fantastic. Miss you!

  4. Melissa says:

    All of these CDs sound like great ones to add to our collection! Thanks for the list, as well as the chance to win the Worship set!

  5. Haley says:

    Because I can’t listen to the BSF CD one more time 😉

  6. Katie F says:

    My kids love music and they need to learn some new songs. We’ve got a few that they are singing constantly that need to be retired! :)

  7. Angela says:

    I would love to win these for my two little boys! My toddler loves music and I know my baby will too!

  8. Heather Lei says:

    Thanks for the list. We’re driving from Vegas to Ohio and back on a circuitous route this summer.:-)

  9. Nell says:

    This is a great list — we have a lot of these. Been meaning to put together a post like this… someday 😉

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