We are pretty well established in our “public school routine” after having given up on homeschooling this past January. And although putting Addison in school has been a HUGE blessing, it’s not all sunshine and roses. There are definitely parts of this school thing that we struggle with. For me, the biggest struggle is the lack of “fun” time I get to spend with Addison. The morning tends to be a whirlwind to get out the door. And then by the time she comes home, it’s just about time to start prepping dinner. There isn’t much room for crafts, or projects, or games. For Addison, the biggest struggle has been homework, and more specifically, SIGHT WORDS. And who can blame her? What kid wants to sit in school all day just to come home and have to memorize piles of random 2-4 letter words? So to combat this problem, and to use up some of my massive stash of paint chips, I came up with two fun ways to practice sight words. Paint Chip Sight Word Games! And look at that…we get to spend some fun quality time together while we do homework!

Paint Chip Sight Word Games

I have a giant stack of paint chips from various other projects and activities (like these paint chip tangrams!) And I LOVE these things. They are bright, beautiful colors, and they are sturdier than cardstock. While brainstorming ways to make our sight word practice a little more fun (and effective), it dawned on me that I just needed to figure out how to turn it into a game. And what better game than Memory? Addison loves to play memory, and she’s GOOD at it. So by taking something that’s a challenge (sight words) and putting it in the form of something fun that she’s ALREADY good at (Memory), we have set the stage for success. I can’t believe the progress she’s made in just a couple days.

To make your sight word cards, you’ll need paint chips in a few colors. Cut them into strips and write the sight words twice (on the same color chips). Place them facedown on a table and take turns turning over two cards at a time. The most important part is making sure you BOTH read the words aloud at every turn. The person with the most matches wins!

paint chip site word memory game 1

The second game that can be played with these cards is Go-Fish. Each player draws 5 cards. The rest should be put facedown in the middle of the table as the “fish pond”. Player 1 asks if player 2 has a certain sight word in his or her hand. If a match is made, player 1 puts the match down on the table and gets to take another turn. If a match is not made, player 1 must draw a card from the fish pond. In order to ask for a card, the child must be able to read the word! We haven’t tried this one yet…Memory is still keeping Addison’s attention pretty well. But I will be anxious to see how it works once she gets tired of Memory.

paint chip sight word go-fish game

I also wanted to share another fantastic idea I ran across today on Facebook. My friend Cassie over at 3Dinosaurs shared an awesome post about using hopscotch to work on sight words! We will definitely be trying that one out too! Do you have any games or tricks for making sight word practice less painful? If so, please share in the comments or on Facebook!

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2 Responses to Paint Chip Sight Word Games

  1. Katie F says:

    I think it’s pretty funny that you post this while you’re potty training Doc, and your picture of the sight word memory game shows the words “do do.”

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