Happy First Day of Spring! It’s felt like spring here in Las Vegas for quite some time now, but for the rest of you, knowing that warmer weather is on it’s way is probably a very welcome thought. Since much of the country is still weeks away from tomato plants and zucchini seeds, I wanted to share with you a fun garden project that you can do during these final “indoor days”. DIY vintage spoon garden markers!

How to make vintage spoon garden markers

These sweet spoons add so much charm to any garden or potted plant! I’ve been making them for years and I have yet to meet a gardener who doesn’t love them. If you read Homespun Sprout regularly, you may recall seeing a tutorial for making garden markers out of vintage forks recently. This is a very similar process, but there is definitely more “art” involved in these ones. Not an artist? Never fear! I will provide you with a way around that…so stay with me :)

vintage flatware garden markers

So let’s get started with the tutorial. First: MATERIALS

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The list of materials for these vintage spoon garden markers is quite short, and the supplies are wonderfully inexpensive. You will need:

1. Tear a piece of printer paper that is small enough to fit the shape of your chosen spoon. Sketch the image you want on your garden marker in pencil, then trace over the drawing with your Pigma Micron Pen. Erase the pencil lines.how to make garden markers 2. Color your sketch using your Prismacolors. After your paper is colored, cut small slits around the edge of the paper to help it lay flat on the curved surface of the spoon. Be careful not to cut through the drawing.

DIY garden markers

3. Apply Delta Varnish to the spoon in a thin coat. Press the drawing firmly onto the spoon. Begin in the center and smooth out toward the edges to get it nice and smooth. Then apply varnish to the top of the paper as well. Once the varnish is dry, reapply. Repeat until your spoon has at least three coats of varnish. This is what keeps the image safe from water and sun damage. vintage spoon garden marker tutorial And that’s it! You can make these to mark rows in your garden, to add some whimsical fun to house plants, or to give as gifts to garden-loving friends (these make FANTASTIC Mother’s Day gifts!) If you are looking at these and thinking, “I’m no artist…I could never make these…” I have something to help. I put my original artwork for six of my most popular spoon images into a PDF file for you. Chick HERE to download the printable spoon images.You can simply print the page, tear the images out, color, and adhere to your spoons following the same procedure listed above. Simple, right? I’ll work on adding more images eventually, but for now, six should get you started. There is one thing I do want to point out though. Please be sure to trace over your printed image with a Pigma Micron Pen to ensure the image doesn’t fade in the sun. Printer ink is not archival and won’t hold up well in the elements.

So there you have it! Will you print my images or try your hand at drawing your own? And of course, if neither option suits your fancy and you still want to get your hands on some of these cute vintage spoon garden markers, I’d be so happy to make a custom set for you. Just head over to Homespun Sprout on Etsy.

Happy Spring!

vintage spoon garden markers DIY

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11 Responses to Vintage Spoon Garden Markers

  1. Margy says:

    That’s so cute. I need to make some. – Margy

  2. Kelly says:

    You’re featured! Pinned, shared on Facebook, Tweeted, LOL! Yes, that’s how much I love these!! They are so adorable. You’re quite the artist. I think I’ll have my daughter do this project for me. She’s the artist in the family.
    Thank you for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop. I hope we see you again tomorrow.

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