I was overwhelmed this week by the kind words you all wrote about my Bible Journaling for Lent post. And I am thrilled to learn that so many of you were inspired to try your hand at Bible Journaling too! I’ve been having so much fun adding images and doodles to my favorite verses. It’s really made my daily devotions so much fun. And I am ever-inspired by the amazing art I find on Pinterest. In fact, some of the journal entries I completed this week are my take on ones I found there.

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You see, I’m not all that creative…but I can take an idea and either copy it, or change it around a bit to make it my own.  One of the comments I kept reading over and over again is that many of you feel like you are not “artistic” enough to journal in your Bible. I want to encourage you to think beyond pens and markers. You could use stamps, stickers, or stencils. You could even print our pictures, cut them out, and color them in. Then tape them to your pages using pretty Washi Tape. The possibilities are really endless. If you have begun journaling in your Bible, I also want to encourage you to share what you are creating. You never know who will be inspired by your art. There is also an amazing group on Facebook dedicated to Bible journaling. You can find the group HERE. So here is a peek at destroying my Bible for Lent: Part 2.

We are studying the life of Moses at Bible Study Fellowship this year…this is one of the verses I love from the sections of scripture we’ve read so far.

Week 2-1      I  just used my Prismacolor pencils and my Sharpi pen.

Here is another verse from this week’s lesson…

Week2 2-2

Then I got a little more adventurous…

Week 2-4

I love this verse from Isaiah. And I found this feather on Pinterest…the original post comes from HERE. It seemed like a good fit for the verse. I had never tried making zentangles before, and I have to say, I’m HOOKED. It was so relaxing working on this picture!

Then I got a little carried away…

Week 2-6

For this one, I started with the swirl that contains the text. Then I began working out from the swirl. It took a few sittings to finish this one, but it sure was fun.

week 2-3

This one is one I found on Pinterest also. Here is a link to the original artist. I thought it was so beautiful I wanted it in my Bible too!

Week 2-7

I love this verse too…A good reminder for us all.

And the highlight of the week? I think I have a budding Bible Journalist on my hands…my five year-old asked if she could help me “make my Bible pretty”. How could I resist? I wrote the scripture for her at the bottom and then I let her go to town. I think once she becomes a little more confident in her reading and writing, this is going to be a great way for her to do her devotions.

Week 2-5

One of the other things I added to my Bible this week is a small piece of Washi Tape to the edge of each page that has a journal entry on it. This just makes it a little easier to find all the pages I’ve done.

If you missed the first week of my Lenten Bible Journaling, you can check it out HERE. And if you’ve begun Bible Journaling, please stop by Homespun Sprout on Facebook and share a picture of your favorite entry so far! I get so inspired by seeing the awesome art that others are creating in their Bibles!

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4 Responses to Destroying My Bible for Lent: Part 2

  1. Holly says:

    Wow! I love it! Thanks for mentioning my blog, too. I am SO stoked that you were inspired to try zentangles and feathers (it really is addictive). I follow elviestudio too, so pretty!

    I use color pencils, gel pens and watercolor pencils in my bible, too.


    • homespunsprout@gmail.com says:

      I am definitely addicted to zentangles! I’m so thankful that you posted that pic of your awesome feather on Pinterest! And I’m planning to try watercolors in my Bible this week. I figure it can’t hurt…my Bible has already been completely saturated by a spilled water bottle in my bag! A little color will give the wrinkly pages even more character, right? Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Kat says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    They simply LOVE you again this week. This post is really resonating with everyone!! Congratulations, you are our featured blogger!!

    • homespunsprout@gmail.com says:

      Wow! Thanks Kat! I’m kind of floored, really :) Glad everyone is loving the Bible journaling…I am too :) Hope you have a great weekend!

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