My big kids have become obsessed with Legos. They play with them daily, and often at multiple times throughout the day. Since Legos are the toy of choice right now, I decided it might be smart to harness their excitement and use it for our educational good. I found this idea for making a little Lego Kit over at Fun at Home with Kids. My kids flew through the cards that went with the kit, and they had so much fun trying to copy the pictures that I thought it would be fun to make cards with more complex designs. These designs use a lot more Legos than the original ones we tried, so they probably wouldn’t be great for a portable kit, but for playing at home, they would work great. And they will take a little longer for the kids to figure out which is also a bonus in my book! So here is a peek at the Lego Patten Cards I made…

Lego Cards

If you want to give these Lego pattern cards a try with your kids, just click the picture (or right HERE) to download the PDF. Print the page, and cut them out! You could print on cardstock or laminate them to make them last a little longer (if your kids are anything like mine, that may be a good idea :) Let me know how your kids like them! I may keep making more of these if they continue to keep my children productively entertained for more than five minutes!




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