Today we checked another item off our summer bucket list! We learned a little about science while creating art at the same time. Check out this cool and EASY project – Watercolor and oil painting!

Watercolor and oil painting

Watercolor and Oil Painting

Supply List:

To begin, put a piece of the watercolor paper in a plastic tray (I got my trays in the dollar bin at target). This project gets messy, so it’s best to have the paper and mess contained somehow.

Next, squirt some of the paint into the paint trays and give the child a dropper. Show them how to suck up the paint and then drop it out little by little on the paper.

1 2

At this point we talked about how the paper absorbs the paint. It seems to suck it up.

Next, put some oil in a separate container or an empty spot in the paint tray. Use a clean dropper to place drops of oil on the paper. Notice how the oil doesn’t get absorbed into the paper?


 This was such a cool activity! It gave us a chance to talk about the properties of oil and water, and the kids got to play around with mixing up colors. It worked great for both my three year-old and my five year-old and it held their attention for a good 30 minutes. I’m gonna go ahead and call this one a success. If you’ve never tried mixing watercolor and oil, I hope you’ll have a chance to give it a try.

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