I sort of fell off the face of blog land this past week. We are starting school tomorrow, and I felt like I needed to take care of oh, about a million things to get us off and running on the right foot. For example, I completely purged my pantry. It was becoming hazardous to my health. Literally. Every time I opened the door, I ran the risk of stuff falling on my head. So I went to target and got some nifty bins…and I labeled them (’cause that’s what I do), and now my pantry is neater than it has ever been in my whole life. I wish I would have taken before and after shots. I did the same thing to the bathroom cabinets and drawers. They were beyond embarrassing.  And I sat down to plan out our first week of school. Why are we starting so early, you ask? Well, I really wanted our first week to be free of as many interruptions as possible so we can establish our routine. Every week from now until the 2nd week of September we have other stuff going on at least one of the days. We are camping for Labor Day, and I have BSF Leadership Training…so this week looked like the best option. And quite frankly, I’m itching to get back into our groove. But the bulk of my week was spent revamping our family home binder.

I made one of these years ago. I think Addison was Henry’s age…and it has been in a drawer growing dust bunnies since Doc was born. Let’s just say it needed a little work in order to be useful again. I truly believe that organization is the key to a happy, efficient home. So this is me giving it my best shot. I’ll walk you though what my binder looks like at the moment, and I’ll provide all the links to the contents at the bottom in case you want to snag any of this for your own use. So here we go…



I like pretty things…the cover was a freebee I found on Pinterest.


I bought some dividers with pockets at Target. I got the same ones for Addison for her school binder. And I think these are going to work our perfectly for both of us. My sections are Family Calendar, Meal Planning, Lists (don’t laugh), Chores, and Lesson Plans.



First is the Family Calendar. This contains everything important to each member of the family. I wrote all the holidays in and highlighted them in yellow. Next I added all the birthdays and anniversaries that I need to remember. I am TERRIBLE about remembering all the birthdays on Wyatt’s side of the family. One of my goals is to get cards out to everyone on time this year. The calendar also contains school events, Keepers meetings, trips, days Wyatt knows he will be working late, and any other commitments that may come up. I also plan to schedule our fieldtrips here. This was another freebee from Pinterest.



The next section is for meal planning. The pocket contains a bunch of copies of my meal planning sheet. I love this sheet because it contains a spot to write all the stuff I already have on hand that I need to use up (like my bountiful baskets items). And I can make my grocery list right on here too. It works well for me. The link will be at the bottom if you want to try it out.


This next list is INCREDIBLE. I found this on Pinterest too…it’s a list of over 600 items from Costco and their PRICES. You guys, this means I can know almost to the dollar what I will spend when I walk into the store. No more guessing…no more going over budget. Cool right? And it’s updated all the time. I plan to make a master grocery list for all my non-Costco items too…but now that I’ve discovered Sprouts, it’s going to take me a minute to figure that out.


Next is my section for lists. The pocket in the front is to hold the cards that I need to send out for the month. Behind it is the birthday tracker I made…Like I said…I’m REALLY bad at the birthday card thing.


The next list is our family schedule…It’s posted on the wall too, but in the event that I drop dead, Wyatt will be glad to know it’s here also :)


I also made a password sheet. I cannot describe in words the frustration I feel when I cannot accomplish a task that should take two seconds because I can’t remember a bloody password. To protect my own privacy, it’s blank for the purposes of this photo :)


And another time saver: my master camping list. Rather than reinvent the wheel every time we go on a camping trip, I can just pull this out. The grocery list changes somewhat each time depending on who we are camping with and for how long, but you get the idea.



The next section is for chores. Here is my chore list. It doesn’t contain every single thing, obviously, but it’s got the main stuff on it. It’s in a sheet protector so I can mark things off as they are completed.


And this list is from the Maxwell’s book Managers Of Their Chores. It’s a master chore list containing everything you could ever need to do around your home. The idea is to mark the things that you need to accomplish as well as their frequency, and from there you can determine how much time you need in your schedule for chores.


And my last section is for lesson plans. Here is where I keep my long range unit calendar as well as weekly lesson plans.



Here’s to hoping all goes well this week! I feel as ready as I’ll ever be


Do you keep a family home binder? What kind of cool stuff is in it? I’d love to hear ideas for things to add! And if you are interested in printing off any of the pages from our family home binder you can find the links below! Thanks for visiting.

Editable Binder Cover

Family Calendar

Meal Planning Sheet

Costco Price List

Birthday Tracker

Family Schedule

Password Management Sheet

Camping Packing List

Mom’s Chore List

Long Range Unit Planner

Lesson Plan Template



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13 Responses to Our Family Home Binder

  1. Maggie says:

    I love this! It’s beautiful! I need a separate binder for school (actually, it’s now an entire file box), but your categories have given me some good ideas. You know what you might consider adding? A sheet of library info–all your card numbers, which books you checked out and where they will fit in your homeschooling plan, etc. I have an embarrassing amount of library cards (23!) for the three systems (North LV, LV, and Henderson) and without spreadsheets, I wouldn’t be able to keep it straight.

    • says:

      Thanks Maggie! And great idea about the library info sheet! We actually only have one library card at the moment, but I can see how that will increase as we get deeper into this homeschool thing. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  2. Marcie says:

    I also love this. Maggie had a good idea about the library list. I need to build my binders. I’d love it to be as colorful as yours but I can’t help but cringe at the added expense for all of that colored ink. What kind of printer do you have?

  3. My little type “A” heart is bursting with giddiness right now!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Meegan says:

    I really like how everything is so detailed. You can really keep your life in order with a binder like this. Thanks for inspiring me.

  5. Love this complete binder! I really like you have it all covered, including meal planning and birthday cards for the month. So smart!

  6. Coco says:

    Thank you for all the beautiful binder worksheets! These are awesome – I can’t wait to use them

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  8. Blair says:

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped
    me. Appreciate it!

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