I sat down last night to begin mapping out our school year. As I starred at the pile of books in front of me, I realized that I cannot function without a big picture plan on ONE PAGE of our whole year. I felt the same way when I was teaching public school. I need something I can quickly glance at that shows me what we are doing and when along with days when will be traveling, or otherwise not doing school. So rather than reinvent the wheel, I busted out the calendar I made eight years ago and gave it a facelift.  To save and edit a copy of this for your own use, click HERE.

Long-Range Unit Plan - Template

This calendar is fully editable and is yours for the taking if you feel it would help you. I used the public school calendar to mark days off, but feel free to change it to suit your family’s needs. You’ll be able to use this year after year. You’ll have to change the dates, but if you simply name the first day of the month, the rest will fill in automatically. And if the colors bug you, you can get rid of those too :)


Here is my year mapped out with the days we will be taking off from school (so far). If you want to see a larger version click HERE.

Long-Range Unit Plan

I feel a giant weight lifting off my shoulders as I start to put the pieces of our year together. This calendar shows only the Five In a Row Units we will be covering…each day will still contain reading and math lessons. But by looking at the year on one piece of paper, I can see where we are headed and keep my brain wrapped around what we are doing. It will also be easy for me to plan field trips in advance. This tool was so valuable to me as a public school teacher for mapping out various units and testing dates. I hope you will find it useful too.




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4 Responses to Long Range Unit Planner

  1. Charla says:

    Thanks so much! This will be REALLY helpful in planning our PLT year!

  2. Coco says:

    Thanks you! I have been looking for something like this for homeschool – yours is perfect!

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