I’ve slowly been plugging away at my list of tasks to accomplish before school starts. I got my long-term unit calendar done last week which was a huge relief. And I just finished making the lesson plan template that I’ll be using to organize the activities we’ll do each week. I know there are a million planning tools floating around out there, but I found that they all either had to much or not enough of what I needed for my family, and I couldn’t find a template specific to Five in a Row that I loved.┬áSo once again, I found it easiest to make my own. It’s yours for the taking if you’d like to use it. Edit it to fit your needs, or use it as is. The boxes will expand or contract as you need if you prefer to type your plans. Or you can just print them out and write your plans out by hand.

Lesson Plan Template

I’m not 100% sure what our actual school schedule will look like. I need to revamp my Managers of Their Homes (MOTH) schedule first. I think this is also going to be a case of trial and error in the beginning until we figure out the optimal attention span for all parties involved. Like everything else with children, this is a work in progress. If you’d like to download and save this template, head over HERE.

Here’s to checking another item off the to-do list!


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