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When the weather heats up here in Vegas, we hide indoors for most of the day. The temp has been hovering in the low hundreds this week (although today is cool and cloudy!). But it won’t last long. I suspect we’ll be creeping well into the 110’s next week…oh joy. I estimate we have about 9 weeks until we formally start up with homeschool again, so, in an attempt to keep the crazies at bay, I found 9 awesome art projects to do with my kiddos…one per week…for the remainder of the summer. I present, our summer art project bucket list!

1. Rock Caterpillar (courtesy of Nellie Bellie) – This cute idea uses nothing more than rocks, paint, and some outdoor glue! And how CUTE would a couple of these guys be lurking around in my garden?


2. Permanent Marker Tie-Dye T-Shirts (courtesy of Kids Activity Blog) – Use permanent markers, and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to get these awesome results!


3. Paper Mache Bowls (courtesy of Art Projects for Kids) –  I have a heap of newspapers from my neighbor who generously saved them for us to line our chicken brooder! Now the chicks are outside, and I’m left with a mountain of newspapers…what better than paper mache? The kids will love getting messy!


4. Watercolors and Oil Painting (courtesy of Babble Dabble Do) – Isn’t this STUNNING? And it’s a science experiment too! The kids will learn that oil and water don’t mix while playing with colors and making cool art.


5. Roman Mosaics (courtesy of eHow) – We LOVE our glue sticks around here. This looked like a simple project with neat results. I may have the kids help cut the paper too…way to work in some fine motor skills, right?


6. Paper Weaving (courtesy of Babble Dabble Do) – Not only does this look super cool, but it’s great fine motor practice too. It will give us a chance to talk some more about patterns. Addison is a pattern pro these days, but Doc is just starting to get the idea.


7. Paper Bag Painting (courtesy of Small for Big) – I LOVE the idea of turning trash into something cool. The kids will get to play with watercolors, chalk, and oil pastels to make some neat bags. I’m thinking we might make some out of lunch sacks too and fill them with water and snacks to give out to the homeless…we could make a little service project out of it.


8. Water Shooter Painting  (courtesy of Fantastic Fun and Learning) – Although the final results of this one won’t be as aesthetically pleasing as some of the others, this project is SURE to be a hit! What could be better than using squirt guns to shoot PAINT? (Lord, help me…)


9. Batik Fabric Making (courtesy of I Save A2Z) – I love batik fabrics! This technique for making your own looks super easy…I’m thinking we’ll make some cloth napkins to use during dinner!


So there you have it! Now to make a list and hit the craft store (although most of the supplies are already kicking around the house somewhere). Do you have any cool art projects on your summer bucket list? If so, comment with the links!

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