It’s hard to believe, but Addison will be three on Sunday. She has been on a real tea party kick for a while now, and since I know this delightful season won’t last forever, I decided to give her something special for her birthday. First, I was on the hunt for an indestructible tea set. She sets up elaborate tea parties all over the house, but then forgets about them. Godzilla…I mean Doc, comes crashing through and within seconds everything is on the floor. There are tears and drama…and lots of stuff has been broken as a result (someday she’ll learn not to leave her stuff out, right??) Anyway, I found the neatest set! It’s from the Green Toy Company…

The set is made from recycled milk jugs. She will love it! Here is the link on Amazon in case you want to check it out for yourself.
Green Toys Tea Set
But what good is a tea set without some dainty little treats to set out with the tea, right? I was poking around on Etsy a while back (what else is new…) and I came across this shop…SweetEmmaJean. Oh. My. Gosh. This stuff is adorable! In case you don’t have time to click the link, she sells patterns and felt to create your own play food. The stuff LOOKS REAL. I went ahead and bought the pattern and felt kit for some sweet little cookies and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Check out some pictures…
Sugar cookies
Ginger Snaps
Keebler Fudge anyone?
The best part about these is they are all done by hand. The only skills necessary are use of scissors and a blanket stitch (I typed it in to Youtube to learn how). I think I may have to head back to SweetEmmaJean’s shop and get some more patterns. These were so much fun to make! Hope the birthday girl likes them too.
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