Having a plan is half the battle. It’s amazing how much smoother this week went because I was prepared. This is not to say that we accomplished everything I thought we would, but we certainly had a lot of fun learning about the letter B! Here’s what our week looked like:

We made a nifty little Butterfly magnet:

First she used her dot stampers and water to decorate a coffee filter.

While it was drying, she glued some pom-poms (these nifty ones came from the dollar bin at target!) and some googly eyes on to a clothes pin.
Then we just scrunched up the coffee filter and pinned it in the clothes pin. I stuck some adhesive magnet on the back and the masterpiece was complete. This little beauty now lives on the fridge.

Then, Addison and I baked some Brownies (from scratch!) to bring to her friends Blake and Brice. The boys were pretty excited to see us with these yummy treats in hand!
And here is a picture of the B-week sensory bin. It contains buttons, blocks, bunnies, beads, balls, beans, butterflies, beads, and a bowl.
And lastly, we made this cute bird out of milk and juice tops and some craft foam. I cut the pieces and Addison glued them all on herself :)
Here are the books we read this week:
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Henry and Pawl and the Round Yellow Ball
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  1. Sarah says:

    Awesome!! Looks like fun!

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