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Time is ticking and there are only 2 days left till my estimated due date! I’ve been a little worried about how to keep my toddler entertained once baby #2 arrives. Addison is VERY used to having my undivided attention most of the time, and I specifically remember the amount of quality time I spent on the couch nursing her when she was new…it’s going to be a totally different ballgame this time! To prepare for the inevitable, I decided it would be a good idea to fill a bunch of gallon-sized ziplock bags with fun, interesting, new things to keep Addison happy and entertained for short periods of time while I get used to nursing the new baby. This is a work in progress, and I plan to change out the activities once I see what she likes and what she doesn’t, and to keep everything fresh and new. These activities will only be pulled out duing times that I nurse so the novelty doesn’t wear off (at least that’s the plan…)

I’m storing everything in this basket, so it’s all set to go.
I made some cardboard road pieces out of some boxes that were in the recycling bin. And the cars were on clearance at target…not sure how this one will go over, but we’ll see!
Dry erase CRAYON board! Brilliant! The other side is black, and she can write on that side too.
Some random bugs…and I threw in a few snakes too. I think I’ll add some strawberry baskets or something like that so she can “capture” the bugs. Not sure…
Crayons, paper, and some sticky foam shapes.
Dot markers and coloring book (these are not new, but she LOVES them).
Pipe cleaners and dry pasta.
Random pieces of fabric and some old ribbon. Who knows where this will lead…
Wooden blocks (jenga pieces), spools, and clothespins.
An egg carton, some Easter eggs, and some pretty jewels.
And these are a couple of the play silks I’m making her for her birthday…I still have a couple more to finish to complete the set. When I was cutting the pieces to size, Addison had a BLAST playing with the silky scraps…so I’m hoping she’ll love the finished product too. They flutter and float when she spins with them…or throws them. And they can be blankets for her babies…or shawls…or whatever :)
I also made a HUGE batch of playdough (7 colors worth). It will stay in the fridge, but I anticipate this being used during nursing times also. She especially loves to play with the playdough and her pretty jewels at the same time.
So hopefully these goody bags help keep Addison happy as she adjusts to being a big sister. If you have any other ideas for activities that could easily be stored in a ziplock that are appropriate for a two year-old to pla with independently, please leave a comment!

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