Here’s a recipe for homemade playdough I found HERE. It is WONDERFUL! I hate store-bought Play-doh. It’s too crumbly, and lord only knows what’s in it. So I decided to give making my own a try yesterday when Addison looked ready to “make something” in the kitchen. (She put on her apron, pushed a chair over to the counter, climbed up, and yelled, MOM!”)…I got the hint :) Rather than make a snack, I thought something to play with would be even better. So here’s the recipe:

Homemade Play Dough

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 Tbsp. cream of tartar
1 Tbsp. cooking oil
1 cup water

Mix dry ingredients together.
Stir in wet ingredients.
Transfer mix to a saucepan and heat over medium flame stirring constantly.
The dough is ready when it pulls away from the sides of the pan, and it starts to look dry throughout.
Dump the dough onto the counter top and knead until the texture is smooth…it will be warm so be careful not to burn yourself.
Divede the dough into balls and let it cool a bit. Add a few drops of food coloring to the balls and knead again to evenly distribute the color. Wear an apron for this part :)
Store the dough in ziplocks in the fridge, and it will keep for MONTHS. This is the greatest playdough ever!

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